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Sometimes pictures work better than words, especially when dealing with an issue like personal sanitation. That’s why we have produced a 7 minute and 15 minute instructional video for your use. Originally designed for use by utility and telecommunications companies these videos are applicable to any industry that has employees on the move.

The shorter video focuses primarily on our Brief Relief™ product while the 15 minute video demonstrates all four of our unique products. Both videos discuss health and safety issues, outline risky alternatives and talk about the day-to-day situations your outside employees face when dealing with personal sanitation. Both videos are set in a classroom atmosphere with interactions between the host and employees. You may order these videos on CD (high resolution) or view the movie clips online below.

We think you will find these tools to be of great benefit when introducing Brief Relief™ products to your employees and co-workers.

View the full version of the video or specific segments below: (if your media player does not open the video automatically, you may need to right click, and choose Save Target As…)

Brief Relief™ – Training Video
Full Version
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Introducing Brief Relief™
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What are my options?
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Risks and Diseases
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Brief Relief™ – Product Details
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Brief Relief™ – Benefits
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Disposa-John™ and The Commode™
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The Privacy Tent™
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DR .BOB says
The average amount of water lost per day includes: Two cups through breathing, Two cups through invisible perspiration, Six cups through elimination