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The Brief Relief™ Field Lavatory System

The Brief Relief™ Field Lavatory System is a complete portable, sanitation system for work crews on the move. It's lightweight, easy to handle and can be set up in minutes. The Field Lavatory System comes in a variety of combinations and includes either our Brief Relief Daily Restroom or Disposa-John Kits.

The Brief Relief™ Field Lavatory System Key Product Features:
Completely deploys in 2 minutes
Ultra lightweight and compact
Requires minimum storage space
Can be set up virtually anywhere
Unlimited shelf life
Spill-proof, leak-proof and odorless
Pouches are trash-container safe
No servicing, related dumping fees or relocation costs
Here's what the Field Lavatory System Includes:

Privacy Tent pops up quickly and easily and fits into a small carrying bag.

The Commode is a sturdy, lightweight container with a screw down lid that holds a full size folding toilet seat and Brief Relief™ Daily Restroom Kits.

Brief Relief™ Daily Restroom Kits include individual, disposable Brief Relief and Disposa-John™ bags for liquid and solid waste.

Disposa-John™ Kits include a gas impervious disposable bag with zip locking channel, toilet paper, an antiseptic towelette and a polymer/enzyme packet to instantly gel and break down both solid and liquid waste.

Brief Relief™ Disposable Urinal Pouches are designed for use by both men and women and contain our proprietary blend of naturally bioactive polymers and enzymes to instantly turn urine into a deodorized gel. The patented funnel design and one-way valve prevent accidental spills.

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DR .BOB says
A recent survey of asked Brief Relief™ users if our product was easy to use, 93% responded easy to use.