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Competition, downtime, cost savings, decreased productivity and low morale are all issues employees and managers have to deal with on a day to day basis. Do more with less seems to be the mantra of the 21st century. Brief Relief™ not only provides users a safe and sanitary alternative but can save your company valuable time and money. Even one employee leaving the job site once a week for just 30 minutes to find a washroom can cost your company thousands of dollars, not to mention the morale issues the lack of on-site facilities can cause.

Take the following example of an actual utility company using Brief Relief™ products.

Number of outside field employees 500
Weekly time lost finding a restroom per person 1 hour
Total weekly hours lost 500
Hourly wage incl. hidden costs from operational downtime* $50.00
Annual Operational Downtime Costs $1,300,000
500X50 = $25,000 in weekly costs.

By providing their employees with only two Brief Relief™ pouches on a weekly basis this company offsets this incredible cost and save themselves an estimated $1,183,000 per year!

*includes downtime based on securing job site, round trip locating restroom, and job reset. Time lost includes 2 – 30 minute trips per week.

DR .BOB says
Brief Relief™ bags are approved for disposal with normal trash, not in recycle bins.