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The Brief Relief™ Pouch
A pocket size, single use, sealable bag for liquid waste. Designed specially for today's mobile work force and people on the go.Brief Relief™ is designed for use by both men and women and includes a sanitary wipe for easy clean up after use.
Product Code - BR608
A self contained, single use bag for liquid and solid waste. Uniquely designed with bag-in-bag features that allow a user a safe and sanitary alternative. Comes complete with sanitary wipe and toilet paper.
Product Code - BR500
The Brief Relief™ Commode
A specially designed container, seat and screw down lid for use with our Disposa-John product. The Commode is capable of withstanding up to 300lb (132 kilograms) for 12 hours. It's durable, light weight, air tight and water tight.
Product Code - CE510 & PQ303-PQ360
The Brief Relief™ Privacy Tent
A lightweight, water resistant tent that measure 4 ft. X 4 ft. is 7 ft. tall when erect and weighs only 7 lbs. (3 kilograms). The Privacy Tent can be deployed in a matter of seconds, comes complete with tie down ropes, stakes and a wide skirt at the base.
Product Code - PQ500
The Brief Relief™ Field Lavatory System
The Field Lavatory System meets the needs of employees that are on the move. Complete with Privacy Tent, Commode and supplies, your crew will be ready to deal with the day's tasks and know that their personal sanitation requirements are always being met.
Product Code - PQ2000
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DR .BOB says
Brief Relief™ bags are approved for disposal with normal trash, not in recycle bins.