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For some people, discussing the issue of “where to urinate” with their employees can be difficult, and for some, down right embarrassing. Can you imagine then how your employee feels when he or she has to ask for a Brief Relief bag from your storessupervisor? Most will not even ask, they will simply carry on with the same undesirable habit of utilizing a can, cup or container.

For this reason, we strongly suggest that Brief Relief be kept in an OPEN BIN area along with other safety items.

Allowing your employees easy access will eliminate embarrassment and demonstrate that this is a positive habit you want them to develop.

DR .BOB says
The shelf life of an unused Brief Relief™ or Disposa-John™ is virtually unlimited. The U.S. Marine Corps rated the shelf life of the product at 10 years plus! It is 95% active after 5 years of storage.