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On Site Training & Education

As mentioned previously, a big part of the service you receive from both American Innotek and Potti Corp. is in the form of training and education. Throughout the year we will be traveling across Canada and the United States educating users of Brief Relief™ and its’ associated products, Disposa-John™, Commode and the Privacy Tent.

As with the introduction of any new safety product, training becomes an integral part of the success formula. Through the use of educational videos and demonstrations of our products we set aside the fears, misconceptions and environmental issues that may arise. Our hands-on style is interactive and intended to showcase the benefits, features and simplicity of our products.

Here is an outline of a typical one half hour training session:

  • Time permitting we begin with an informative 15 minute video
  • We conduct demonstrations of the Brief Relief™, Disposa-John™, Commode and Privacy Tent products
  • Handouts, samples and literature are made available
  • We address issues such as implementation and waste disposal that relate to your organization
  • Potential uses for the products and your training requirements are also discussed
  • If we are training managers and supervisors we discuss how to approach employees about the sensitive issue of personal sanitation
  • And finally, we conduct a question and answer session

We will endeavor to assist your organization with all your training requirements. If we are not able to conduct the training ourselves, we can train your staff members who will, in turn, be the trainers for your own employees. Additionally, our website has been designed to act as a basis for employee training. Our 7 Step Guide, videos, forms and tools can all assist you in a successful product launch.


DR .BOB says
Where do Brief Relief™ users use our product, 10% in manhole, 6% in aerial basket, 63% in vehicle, 41% other