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Whether you are repairing signage on a busy section of highway, maintaining green space in the city core or fixing potholes during rush hour you are always in view of the community. The last thing you want to worry about is relieving yourself when prying eyes are everywhere.

Brief Relief™ and its accompanying products, Disposa-John, The Commode and Privacy Tent, provide workers like you with a safe, sanitary alternative when nature calls. By taking a common sense approach when nature calls you’re ready to deal your daily responsibilities anytime, anywhere.

Brief Relief™ products are ideal for:

  • Waterworks/Drainage Departments
  • Sanitation Crews
  • Road Maintenance Crews
  • Parks Employees
  • Transit Supervisors and Track Crews

Brief Relief™ in the glove box….just in case.™

DR .BOB says
The average amount of water lost per day includes: Two cups through breathing, Two cups through invisible perspiration, Six cups through elimination