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How many times have you been “out in the field with no place to go”?

Worse yet, how many times have the Porta-Potties that have been placed in the field for your use, not been serviced? What can be worse than an un-serviced, dirty Porta Potty!

The Porta-Quick™ Mobile Field Lavatory System is specifically designed to be used in highly mobile, fluid environments. It provides a clean, private environment for both men and women. Additionally, it can be carried right to the field and set up in a matter of minutes by any untrained person. Both, Brief Relief™ and Disposa-John™, included in the Porta-Quick™ system, have an extremely long shelf life. The system requires no external support and the used bags can be conveniently disposed of along with proper trash, meeting all Federal, State and Provincial requirements.

The Porta-Quick™ Mobile Field Lavatory System is Ideal for:

  • Training Exercises
  • Initial entry into combat
  • Patrols
  • Observation Posts
  • Special Operations
  • Armored Personnel Carriers
  • Amphibious Assaults
  • Aviators
  • Scout Vehicles
  • Armored Divisions – Tanks
  • Recce Vehicles and Operations
  • Light Brigade Operations
  • High Velocity Missile Operations
  • Aircraft (Flight Extender II)

Brief Relief™ …anytime, anywhere.™

For Standing Offer Information please call us at 1.866.325.3865

For a complete listing of products and applicable government pricing in Canada contact Potti Corp.

For United Kingdom MoD inquires please contact Potti Corp.

For a copy of our Operational Requirements Document (ORD) for the Modular Initial Deployment Latrine (MIDL) please contact Potti Corp.

Please quote the following National Stock Numbers when request products or quotations:

National Stock Numbers (NSN)

BR608 Brief Relief 4510-01-379-0177
BR500 Disposa-John 4510-01-379-1341
BR901 Daily Restroom Kits 4510-01-379-0190
PQ500 Grey Privacy Tent 4510-01-382-4315
PQ330 Porta-Quick Economy Pack 4510-01-423-0100
PQ360 Porta-Quick EP Pack 4510-01-382-4289
DR .BOB says
Where do Brief Relief™ users use our product, 10% in manhole, 6% in aerial basket, 63% in vehicle, 41% other