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Employer Liability

It’s the kind of publicity that anyone would want to avoid; someone snaps a picture of one of your crew members relieving them self on the job site and in plain view of the public.

See What One Error in Judgment Cost a Major Canadian Utility

Is your employee really to blame or is this now a matter of Employer Liability?

Is it their fault? What should they have done? What is your corporate policy in a situation such as this? Did you have a portable facility on site to deal with their personal sanitation needs? Was Brief Relief™ in the glove box?

Employer’s, who have not made a provision for just this circumstance, render their employees and themselves, potentially liable for the violation of several laws. If convicted both employees and employers may be liable for substantial damages for violating such laws. Likewise fines and citations may be issued on the spot by health and safety organizations or by the local police.

The liability of employers for acts of their employees is well established in the law. Just one example of this is employers’ liability for negligent acts of drunken employees. Such liability can lead to substantial damages. Similarly if an employee is charged with criminal conduct for being forced to expose and relieve him or herself in a public manner, the employer could face civil liability and damages.

Equally significant is the potential for employer liability for any damages arising from the employer’s failure to provide an adequate sanitation facility on site.Such damages could, for example, arise from harassment of a female or male employee by coworkers, physical damage to ones bladder or kidneys from “holding it” or for emotional distress inflicted on workers.


With one phone callyou can avoid:

  • Health Risks
  • Long Term Disability
  • Public Liability and Embarrassment
  • Lost Man Hours and Down Time
  • Increased Health Insurance Premiums
  • Civil Liability and Criminal Charges


Still not convinced that having your employees “hold it” or use the “great outdoors” is risky?

Corporate Image Issues

  • Awareness of these acts by the public creates poor impressions and relations.
  • Commercial businesses, such as restaurants, may not welcome workers’ use of their restroom facilities.
  • The use of some commercial facilities, such as in taverns, creates poor public impressions and/or have been banned for such worker purposes.


  • Workers urinating and defecating in public are in violation of local criminal laws related to public urination, disorderly conduct, indecent exposure and/or lascivious acts.
  • Workers urinating and defecating in public create a threat of civil litigation to the employee and the corporation.
  • Workers urinating and defecating in public create a threat of regulatory citations.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words….I wonder how much 60 seconds of video would cost your company!

Making the Product Accessible

DR .BOB says
Easy access to Brief Relief™ is a key to successful implementation.