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We know that talking to employees and coworker about their personal sanitation needs can be somewhat of a touchy subject. It’s easy for us to say that you need to discuss the issue with staff but to actually do it requires tact, timing and a little bit of nerve. Do you bring it up at the management level or should you discuss it at your next safety meeting. Should we show the Brief Relief™ video or just pass around samples and brochures. These are all decisions that you will need to make prior to engaging your employees in a discussion about where to go when they’ve got to go and there’s no place to go.

Many corporations choose to formally announce the introduction of Brief Relief™ products by way of an Employee Memo, Material Code sheet or Technical Bulletin. We have listed below a brief description of the sample memos and bulletins posted on this site. Feel free to download them and adjust the content to meet your needs.

Memo Samples
Employee Memo Sample 1 64.1 Kb
Employee Memo Sample 2 58.2 Kb
Employee Memo Sample 3 63.0 Kb
Technical Bulletin Sample
Technical Bulletin – page 1 85.7 Kb
Technical Bulletin – page 2 83.0 Kb
Memo/Product Description Sheet Sample
Product Description Sheet Sample 152 Kb
Material Code Sheet Sample
Material Code Sheet 52 Kb
Brief Relief Evaluation Survey
BR Evaluation Form 30 Kb


Note: Once your organization has material coded the Brief Relief products they decide to use, we can design a Material Code sheet based on your coding system.

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