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Are you a female in the Work Force…relax Brief Relief™ is for you too!

The increasing number of female employees in historically male dominated industries can pose challenges for corporations and some employees. Let’s face it, this change is here to stay – so men get use to it! The other change you will need to get use to men, is that you cannot just whip it out and pee where ever and whenever you want – yes the good old day are gone!

Fortunately Brief Relief™ was go designed by a women. Its shaped collar was deigned to be held against the female body ensuring ease of use. Make sure the one way funnel is pushed down or you may get splashed on….whether you are a man or a women. Some female employees may prefer to use Disposa-John™ because they can sit on our comfortable commode. In this case no special usage procedures are required but please remember Disposa-John™ was never designed as a urinal so a single use is recommended.

Brief Relief™ products are also suitable to use as a disposal medium for feminine hygiene products.

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DR .BOB says
Brief Relief™ bags are approved for disposal with normal trash, not in recycle bins.