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Articles and News

Each day we find more and more users of Brief Relief™ products who have made news in their area. Listed below is just a sample of the many articles and letters we receive outlining the issues surrounding outside employees personal sanitation needs and the many benefits and applications of Brief Relief™, Disposa-John™, The Commode and Privacy Tent.

Articles: (all articles are in Pdf Format)

  1. Whiz Through Ontario
  2. Bell Canada – Plant Maintenance “It takes more than technology”
  3. Mens Health – Kidney Stones “Rock Slide!”
  4. Frequently Asked Questions About Incontinence
  5. Talking About Bladder Control
  6. EUSA Article – What to do when nature calls
  7. Ft McMurray Daily Herald – Potticorp. there for those…
  8. When nature calls

  1. Phone workers told…don’t go behind a tree
  2. Laugh but you know it’s true!
  3. It’s a long haul – article 1
  4. It’s a long haul – article 2
  5. A $500 Mistake
  6. Wearing Down the Mountains
  7. New facts on SARS

News Releases: (all documents are in Pdf Format)

  1. Do you know where….
  2. Oregon Legislation

If you have a newspaper, television or company news letter article, or press release that may be of interest to other Brief Relief TM product users feel free to send it to us or fax it to us and we will post it here on our web site.

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