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Brief Relief™

The Brief Relief™ product line consists of two basic products, Brief Relief™ and Disposa-John™. Both provide a quick and convenient means of dealing with personal sanitation needs when permanent facilities are not available.

Our patented signature product, Brief Relief™ is a 590ml/20 ounce plastic pouch with a one-way valve and funnel that leads liquid waste to a holding compartment filled with a proprietary blend of powdered enzymes, polymers and deodorizers. When liquid waste enters the bag, the powder neutralizes and solidifies the liquid into a gel for disposal with general refuse. Brief Relief™ comes complete with sanitary towelette for clean up after use.

Both men and women in virtually any place imaginable, including in the cab of a truck, in a manhole (aka utility vault) or in an aerial bucket, can use Brief Relief™ and, because of its design, Brief Relief™ can be dropped or inverted without leaking.

Brief Relief™ Disposa-John™

The Brief Relief™ Disposa-John™ system is a complete mobile private lavatory for people on the go. Disposa-John™ is a patented bag-in-bag pouch that is designed to handle liquid as well as solid waste. Disposa-John™ contains a scientifically formulated blend of naturally bioactive ingredients, which instantly gel and break down wastes while eliminating odors. After use, the sealed liner bag may be safely disposed of with general refuse. It comes complete with toilet paper and sanitary towelette for clean up after use.

Our Field Lavatory System includes a lightweight, pop-up privacy tent and a commode with a full-size flexible seat. Both Brief Relief™ and Disposa-John™ are available individually or as part of a user kit.

DR .BOB says
Talking to your employees about their personal sanitation needs can be tricky. Potti corp. and American Innotek provide their customers with training, education and the tools necessary for successful product implementation.